The IT Jobs of the Future Worth Considering

The online jobs of the future are already becoming more and more peculiar to our lives, penetrating literally into all its spheres (aviation, medicine, construction, security). In a couple of decades, they will be transformed into something more perfect, but even today you have a chance to become a sought-after specialist who will continue to be in demand over time.

What IT Jobs Will Be Popular in the Future?

If you are studying at school or university but do not know how to realize yourself in terms of a career, take a closer look at such IT jobs of the future as a virtual reality designer, a clothing 3D model programmer, a technical evangelist, etc. Even though they seem like something fantastic now, everything will change soon.

Virtual Reality Designer

Video games supporting a virtual reality headset are already available to us, which contributes to immersion in an artificially created environment.

So, if you love science fiction and are fond of drawing, try to realize yourself as a designer of virtual worlds that exist according to alternative laws of physics and have an unusual landscape, colors, sounds, and smells.

Technical Evangelist

Next in the list of promising IT jobs is a more down-to-earth specialty — a technical evangelist. The tasks of such an employee include the promotion of new technologies, improving the digital literacy of the population, and familiarization with the working principles of certain applications/gadgets.

Clothing 3D-model

Clothing 3D Model Programmer

This profession is still rather fantastic. Such a specialist is engaged in creating digital sketches of clothes to be printed by robots or a 3D printer.

Already today, in the USA and European countries, some fashion manufacturers make use of computer technologies at the stages of design/tailoring. So in the next 5-10 years, this job will surely appear.

Virtual Reality Lawyer

A virtual reality lawyer closes the list of Internet jobs of the future. The main responsibility of such specialists will be the creation of statutory legal acts in virtual worlds (to protect the rights of an individual/virtual property).

Today, this position is consonant with a copyright lawyer.


The Internet jobs of the future are something worthy of striving for and something that will inevitably become the reality. Therefore, now is the time to think about a useful and promising specialty like a game designer, design engineer, roboticist, etc.