Popular IT Jobs for Women in 2021

The most popular IT jobs for women are user interface designers, software testers, web producers, etc. However, programmers and system administrators are much less common.

The need for IT specialists is growing every year, regardless of their gender. So, if you have certain knowledge/skills in the field of computer technology, it will not be difficult to find a job.

What Job to Choose and What to Take Into Account

Let’s consider some in-demand IT jobs for women.

User Interface Designer

The main responsibility of such an employee is to develop user-friendly software products and websites that will meet the wishes of the target audience, encouraging them to certain activities (purchase of goods/services, etc.). User interface designers is a job for women with fine art skills, versed in psychology and marketing.

Software Tester

The job involves the development of testing algorithms and the search for bugs in a program code. Women with critical thinking, inclined to self-study, sociable, characterized by diligence and curiosity can work in this position.


Web Producer

Web producers are responsible for the design of websites, mobile applications, product brochures, books, etc. Unlike web designers, they act according to a pre-compiled technical task — that is, they implement a ready-made layout that users will see online.


Choosing such a job for yourself, you should be prepared to study large amounts of information. All because, subsequently, you will have to create programs, websites, and mobile applications. The necessary abilities and skills are developed logical and analytical thinking, good knowledge of mathematics, responsibility, and strive for constant development.


IT jobs for women are not as diverse as ones for men. But if you have a willingness and an aspiration, you will be able to learn everything. The only thing is that you need to constantly develop in the chosen direction. Then you have every chance to get a good position.