The Highest-Paid IT Jobs of Middle and High Income

IT specialists are usually well paid for the accomplished work, even if they do not work in a large company. All because many business areas are interested in their services (education, marketing, medical enterprises, beauty salons, law offices, etc.). Today we will consider profitable Internet jobs capable of ensuring a prosperous life and successful career advancement.

Popular IT Jobs With a Good Salary

Highly-paid specialties include Python developers, analyst programmers, frontend developers, system administrators, etc.

Python Developer

The list of the highest-paid IT jobs begins with a Python developer. Python, as a programming language, is characterized by versatility and simplicity of syntax; so, it is recognized as one of the most popular in the IT sphere. Such a specialist uses it for writing plugins/scripts as well as developing games and mobile applications.

The average salary in the Russian Federation is from 85,000 RUB, but this sum is much higher abroad.

Analyst Programmer

Such a specialist is engaged in planning and organizing the work of programmers to facilitate and optimize it as much as possible. Their job responsibilities include choosing the methodology and development environment, creating software platforms, making up documentation for Internet products to be released, etc.

In Russia, analyst programmers earn about 100,000–120,000 RUB a month.


Frontend Developer

A frontend developer is a specialist who creates software interfaces. They are responsible for ensuring that all the buttons/menu sections properly function on a website or in an application.

The salary in the Russian Federation ranges from 60,000 to 300,000 RUB. In European countries, the sum is 2 times higher.


The most highly paid IT jobs require the deepest immersion in the computer environment. Such a specialist should have a flexible critical mind, be diligent and open to new information. If you have these qualities and the desire to earn well, then begin reaching new IT heights.