The most popular IT professions in 2021

If you look at which of the IT professions have the highest dynamics of development according to the results of last year, you will get a kind of TOP-10.

Top ten best IT professions

  1. Data Analyst-the average salary in the United States is $62.4 thousand per year. The data on the salary amount here and further are taken from Glassdoor. A data analyst is a specialist who conducts analytics to solve specific issues facing a business. The main advantage of this profession is that it is relatively easy to master it. Here you do not need to know statistics, mathematics and probability theory well. At the same time, Data Analyst has the opportunity for further growth.
  2. Web Developer – $68.5 thousand per year. Another profession that is relatively easy to start with. There is enough knowledge of CSS/HTML to make the simplest landing pages. And if you master the JavaScript language and learn how to work with the popular ReactJS, AngularJS and VueJS frameworks, then the possibilities expand.
  3. Information Security Analyst – $76.4 thousand. But these figures are inaccurate, because many firms do not disclose how much they pay their cybersecurity specialists. From this, it is worth assuming that the real average salary level is higher.
  4. Python Developer – $76.5 thousand Python is the most popular programming language today. The dynamics of its development is much higher than that of Java. Yes, and the salary is steadily growing. Now in the US, a Junior Python Developer receives an average of $90 thousand.
  5. Database Administrator – $78.8 thousand. Quite a difficult profession, characterized by a high level of stress. However, surveys show that database administrators are generally satisfied with their profession.
  6. Web designer (UI/UX) – $85.3 thousand. One of the professions that have been very popular since their appearance. Income indicators are very conditional, because salary ceilings are very blurred here. A good specialist can easily receive 20-25 thousand monthly.
  7. Mobile App Developer – $96 thousand. In 2020, the volume of online purchases from a phone exceeded the amount of orders via a PC. At the same time, the amount of apk for android has grown significantly, because people increasingly prefer to surf the Internet from their phone.
  8. DevOps Engineer – $99.6 thousand. One of the most rapidly developing areas. In 2020 alone, the DevOps market grew by 30%.
  9. Data Scientist – $113.3 thousand. The need to work with large amounts of data is no longer a whim, but a vital necessity. And the data volumes are constantly growing. Therefore, an excellent specialist in this field may well earn both 200 and 300 thousand a year.

10. Machine Learning Engineer – $114 thousand. For the 5th year in a row, this profession is leading in terms of development rates.

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