The Most In-Demand IT Jobs: From a Mobile App Developer to a DevOps Engineer

The field of information technology shows constant development and progress, so IT companies periodically expand their staff and introduce new interesting jobs.

Despite the great competition level, such specialists are always in demand and receive decent pay for their work. Let’s consider what popular online jobs will be relevant for at least another 10-15 years and where to look for vacancies.

What IT Jobs Will Be Popular Over the Next 10 Years?

If you would like to ensure yourself a prosperous life while engaging in interesting and useful things in the IT field, start studying right in high school. Below are the most popular Internet jobs today.

IT Security Specialist

The main task of such an employee is to protect information from theft/hacking by hackers and malicious software. They carefully analyze possible risks and engage in the development and subsequent implementation of measures to ensure Internet security at a particular enterprise. The average income level in Russia is from 50,000 RUB; abroad, it is over 100 thousand USD.

Note! You can search for vacancies on major freelance platforms and job search websites.

IT Security Specialist

Mobile App Developer

The list of popular IT jobs would be incomplete without this vacancy. Such specialists are engaged in the development of Android and iOS devices (games, entertainment or educational software, etc.). The average monthly earnings range from 40,000 to 120,000 RUB. In the USA and Europe, the salary may be several times higher (depending on the qualification, work experience, etc.).

Blockchain Specialists

Blockchain technology is widely applied not only in the cryptocurrency market but also in many other areas (data storage, payments, smart contracts, etc.), so such specialists are always in great demand. Such an employee should be able to do the following: write codes in native languages, understand the basics of design and development, analyze system vulnerabilities, etc. The average salary in the USA is about 120,000 USD.

DevOps Engineer

Among the most popular IT jobs, there is also a DevOps engineer. Such a specialist combines the skills of a developer and a system administrator, boosting the process of delivering software to a consumer. Such employees are in demand both in Russia and abroad. Their income level is from 50,000 RUB per month and above.

A Conclusion

Now you know which Internet jobs are the most in-demand both in Russian and foreign companies and will be able to find an interesting, well-paid job. But do not forget to compose a competent resume and make a portfolio.