Share your impressions and earn money!

In the age of consumption people make purchases more and more often, sometimes even useless ones. People travel, read books, and watch films. All this takes time, money. And sometimes for nothing. That’s why sites that specialize in customers reviews of products and services have become popular on the Internet.

And for this activity the authors of small articles about their experiences receive some sum of money.

Anyone who more or less competently expresses their thoughts in writing and loves to share their opinion can write such reviews.

Pros and cons of making money on reviews

  • no financial investment required;
  • you need only PC and to know how to type;
  • this kind of activity is addictive and fun;
  • additional income;
  • you can write reviews at any free time.

The negative aspect of this type of earnings is a small payment.

Where can you make money on reviews?

In order to do a part-time job on reviews, you need to register on one of the following sites or on several at once:

  • Tutux;
  • Отзовик;

The latter is currently the most popular. Reviews about tourism with a lot of photos and a capacious description are well paid here.

Each of the sites has its own rules, but basically they pay a reward for the review itself and for the number of readings.

Online reviews

What you should do to get money for the review

Not every review is paid. The fact is that rewards are due to those who have presented their impressions according to the following rules:

  • the description of the product or service must be at least 500 characters without spaces;
  • it is forbidden to copy someone else’s reviews, so it’s better to check the review for uniqueness before publishing it;
  • try not to use slang expressions and abbreviations in the product description;
  • do not make spelling mistakes;
  • try to write truthfully;
  • on some sites it is forbidden to send links to your reviews to friends for reading;
  • at least one review is required within 30 days.

Tips how to earn more

  1. Sites that specialize in reviews pay per view if it lasts at least 15 seconds, so you should write longer texts and insert a photo.
  2. Come up with interesting headlines to get the user to read your review.
  3. Reviews about tourism, expensive cosmetics, technology, cosmetic and surgical procedures, cars will bring you more money.
  4. Text with quality photos, links, and a competent presentation of impression about the product is worth more.

Writing reviews  has become these days like a personal blog, so there are people who do it not for the money, but because it is really interesting.