Modern Cardsharing Features

Cardsharing is a method by which multiple recipients can watch pay-per-view cable or satellite TV channels. In this case only one shared access card is used.

In most cases a smart card is located in a special card reader, DVB card or receiver, which are connected to the World Wide Web. This device acts as a server. Other receivers are connected to it and perform the decoding of the signals received from the satellite. Cardsharing in modern conditions is possible only if there is a stable Internet connection or a local network.

In most cases a channel with a data transfer rate of 64 kbit/s is sufficient for reliable operation, but there should be no interruptions in data transfer. Experts advise using xDSL, FTTx, and 3G/4G technologies, because even in the case of using GPRS in the rush hours there can be interruptions. Today various emulators are also used for the cardsharing.

Cardsharing is a great solution for those who do not want to pay for the same service multiple times. For example, when a user has several TVs in the house.