How to make money on the Internet?

The Internet is an important part of anyone’s life, and it’s no secret that one can make good money on the Internet. The most important thing is to choose the right job that will bring high profits and at the same time will not require a lot of screen time. Below are the most relevant ways:

VKontakte groups

Making money on groups in social networks is an extremely profitable and effective business. Most people today earn good money on this, but in order for the social group to really start bringing money, you need to invest a lot of work, time and, accordingly, money in the development of the group.


On the Internet you can often find markets where people are offered a certain type of work for money. The main problem of such sites is that at first it will be difficult due to the competition. However, many of them require a high payment for registering on the site. But there are markets where you can work for free, for example – The site is well designed for the beginners, there are tasks for all skill levels.


Distribution of proxy servers is a great way to make money. The idea is to create VPN servers and sell them to people. Proxies can be created on many special sites for a fee, which averages $5. However, the size of one server is 1TB, and one person on average consumes no more than 20GB per month. Thus we can conclude that 1 server can be sold to 20 people, for example, one proxy can be sold for $3. Hence, the earnings would be more than $50, and you can be not limited to just one proxy.