How a teenager can earn money?

Everyone has been through that time when you want to stand out, to be independent of your parents. This time is mainly connected with adolescence. Teens also want to be financially secure. At this age you can already start earning, but remotely or in the usual way – it’s up to you. There are many options, but if you are creative and love art then this article is for you.

1. Sell paintings, illustrations, portraits.

If you can draw, be creative and generally love creativity, then this method is for you. You can post your work on different social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and so on.

I can prove it from my own experience: I draw custom-made portraits and post them on Instagram. It means I show the whole process of the portrait creation:

  • reviews;
  • price;
  • the process itself(video);
  • photo of the finished portrait;

You also need to develop in this area, hone your skills, and most importantly, love your job, and then everything will definitely work out.

2. Sell handmade things.

It’s similar to the point above, but here you can choose anything. From embroidery to apartment decor. If you are not very good at this – it doesn’t matter. There are a lot of master classes on different topics on the Internet. If you have imagination, then you can add something of your own.

Again, you can show your work on the Internet, you can even make your own website on Google (you can find detailed instructions), and promote your work.

Working teenager

3. Selling high quality photos.

If you love and know how to capture the angle, then this income is perfect for you. To get promoted you can show your work in a photo salon. They can offer you a job as a photographer, if they like your photos.

There are tons of sites on the Internet that pay for a particular photo. You can offer the services of a photographer to your friends.

4. Test games.

Big game companies can afford to pay volunteers to test games. Usually a person leaves a review, writes what he liked and what not, what needs to be added or removed. You can learn more about this way of earning on the Internet.

5. Make different tasks.

The 21st century, after all … There are many sites where a sum of money is charged for completing tasks. Yes, there are also sites with scammers, but you need to recognize this in time. On such sites they usually ask you to translate the text, write a review, write an article on any topic. You can work anywhere: at home, at school, on the street.

Payment depends on the complexity of the work and on the amount of money set by the customer.

Also, on such sites, customers can write to you directly if they liked your result before.

You can get money only if you have a card.

So, I offered you 5 ways to make money on the Internet that a teenager can handle. I wish you success in the area of earnings that you have chosen.