Game Screen Recorder: A Mobile App That Even IT-Specialists Will Appreciate

According to the developers of the Game Screen Recorder utility, they distribute a highest-class program for free. One can’t help but doubt such great promises, but if you use this application for a while, you will have to admit that it compares favorably with its competitors. And it is nice to know that there are online services that offer app downloads for Android and allow one to download such useful and functional software for free.

Game Screen Recorder: Main Features

The Game Screen Recorder apk utility is designed to record a screen during playing on a smartphone. It provides the following functions:

  1. The program automatically detects the launch of a game on a phone and is capable of activating itself to record the gameplay. Of course, if the user approves such an activation.
  2. Game Screen Recorder does not require root access to work. And this significantly increases the overall reliability of the app, making interaction with it convenient and safe.
  3. Since users often record the gameplay to subsequently share their achievements with friends or subscribers, the app’s developers have provided for the possibility of creating beautiful and informative intros to captured videos.

    Game Screen Recorder
  4. The control button displayed during the recording can be changed by users as they see fit. Standard settings allow one to adjust its transparency. And you can also upload and set a custom icon for this button.
  5. It is possible to pause and resume video recording.
  6. Another nice feature lies in the fact that Game Screen Recorder is available on a service from which users can download free Android applications. So you will not have to pay the utility. Moreover, it is completely ad-free, which makes using the app as convenient as possible.


There is only one frequently asked question related to working with Game Screen Recorder. The fact is that the program does not work correctly on some old tablets. And the developers can’t do anything in this regard. Such a situation is explained by the system restrictions of older Android versions. But even installing the new 5.0 version will not help matters. However, one can easily launch the utility and use it for its intended purpose on old smartphones.

Game Screen Recorder has a built-in help center that makes it easy to learn how to use the utility. But if you still have questions or suggestions, feel free to use the following email to contact the developers.