CPS and its features

The beginning of the twenty-first century was a time when the ways in which information technologies and concepts were integrated into real life became more powerful in their evolution.

The Internet, social networks, and digitalization are essential concepts not only for modern business but the lives of regular people are turned on this side too. But to fully integrate with the meta-universe, modern professionals will need some way to integrate reality into the digital environment. So, among them are cyber-physical systems.

Cyber-Physical Systems and their essence

The Cyber-Physical System, or CPS, is a system that forms a single unit of various natural objects, artificial subsystems, and control controllers. The exact scientific definition of this term is not yet available, but all the proposed interpretations suggest a dense interaction between computational and physical processes.

Today, virtually any smart electrified device is a cyber-physical system, such as light bulbs, transport controls, automated control systems, and even medical equipment.

As a result, on the basis of these cyber-physical elements of the system, a huge and modern smart city will be built, in which we will meet a combination of artificial subsystems and natural objects everywhere.

We can compare such a system with the Internet of Things (IoT), which is an integral part of a future cyber-physical platform, along with the Internet of People and the Internet of Services.

Risk of simplification

If the term has such an element as cyber, then mass consciousness may misinterpret such a term as it may forget its connection with a second element such as phys-. In the 21st century, different terms began to appear everywhere in which cyber-has nothing to do with cybernetics, even though it is implied in the CPS.


Cyberbullying (cyberbullying – humiliation and violence in the network), Cyberterrorism (terrorist acts and crimes in the network), Cybersport (competition in video games), and other terms have the word Cyber, which is the equivalent of the term network. From all this, we can conclude that the events take place on the Internet.

However, this understanding of the term was initially incorrect, making the public perception of the cyber-word incorrect. In the concept of the Cyber-Physical System, it is cybernetics.


Features of cyber-physical systems were shown by experts in 2017. The National Institute of Standards and Technology wrote two papers, 242 pages long. We can show you their factors briefly. Thus, CPS can be implemented in any innovative application because it has the potential to impact many sectors of the global economy.

Not smart cities, but the entire planet will become involved in this subject. In addition, the general feature of all types of a cyber physical systems is real-time functioning. If a person’s cognitive abilities are constrained by processor processing, humanity will be able to significantly improve the quality of life in any sphere.

In addition, this approach is very useful for various areas, including business. These factors have been argued by intelligent systems in household appliances, even if they are just teapots, smartphones, or technically sophisticated inventions such as space robots.

But appliances are only the beginning because cybernetics word much more voluminous and can be used to restructure the global system of electricity supply.