Herbalife Documentary Financier Revealed – And It’s Not Bill Ackman

Herbalife had insinuated in a series of public comments that Bill Ackman may have been behind the financing of critical documentary “Betting on Zero” Ackman and Pershing Square have denied financing the film and Director Ted Braun has stated the same as well as publicly reiterated his commitment to creating an objective look at the saga CNBC’s […]

Herbalife CEO Saw Signs of “Pyramiding” in 2005 – Do Recent Comments & Actions Show No Changes Were Ever Made?

6/25/15 One of the more interesting things to happen in the Herbalife saga lately is tonight’s report by the NY Post’s Michelle Celarier that there is video of the company’s CEO, Michael Johnson, in 2005 saying what appear to be incriminating things about Herbalife. The comments came a short time after Johnson on-boarded at the […]