Herbalife: Potential Extreme Conflict of Interest Arises from The California Attorney General’s Office

On Friday, a potential conflict of interest regarding Herbalife and the California Attorney General’s office may have gotten a push from “notable” to “alarmingly important”. Back in late 2014, Quoth the Raven was the first to break that the California Attorney General may have a conflict of interest as it relates to Herbalife because she […]

The End is Near for Herbalife As We Know It: Closing Thoughts from QTR

For better or for worse, the Herbalife saga will be over within a matter of weeks, I believe. I believe that enormous change is coming for the multi-level marketing industry – and that this change is going to be a result of a forthcoming decisive action by the FTC suing Herbalife and alleging the company […]

“Herbalife is Definitely Settling with the FTC” and 4 Other Potentially Extremely Dangerous Myths

It’s my belief that Friday’s stock move in Herbalife was nothing more than the financial media not being able to accurately parse out what’s going on with the company, but for the nice job the “Halftime Report” panel did in debunking Tim Ramey’s overly optimistic misinformed hubris, which we will touch on at length. I […]

What Does Herbalife’s New Regulatory Language Really Mean?

Herbalife files Form 10-K yesterday, inclusive of brand new statements regarding FCPA and the FTC’s investigation of the company With the stock marked up after the company’s guide down for Q1 and FY16, it’s clear the market thinks this language is good news Company now seems to know what direction the FTC wants to go […]

Have Herbalife Executives Already Confessed Publicly?

11/27/15 The goal of this article is to review some new evidence and news in the Herbalife story, as well as to make the case that company insiders/top distributors may have already indirectly admitted the company is a deceptive pyramid scheme fraud. Up front, a reminder of what a pyramid scheme is: a company where recruiting […]

Herbalife CEO Saw Signs of “Pyramiding” in 2005 – Do Recent Comments & Actions Show No Changes Were Ever Made?

6/25/15 One of the more interesting things to happen in the Herbalife saga lately is tonight’s report by the NY Post’s Michelle Celarier that there is video of the company’s CEO, Michael Johnson, in 2005 saying what appear to be incriminating things about Herbalife. The comments came a short time after Johnson on-boarded at the […]