Mapp Pharma’s ZMapp Appears to be Getting 30x the News Coverage as Tekmira’s TKM-Ebola

A couple of crude experiments this Saturday led me to reaffirm my short thesis on Tekmira Pharmaceuticals. Ending the week on little to no new news regarding the drug TKM-Ebola, Tekmira investors are being forced to wait until the WHO’s meeting Sept. 4-5 to hear more about the drug that they’re convinced is going to […]

The WHO Issues Bulletin On Ebola Today, Compliments ZMapp, Doesn’t Mention Tekmira & QTR Pats Himself on the Back

As a Tekmira investor, you know you’re living and dying (no pun intended) by the amount of Ebola cases reported and the WHO’s sentiment on the worldwide breakout. Should the WHO come out and declare the emergency over, Tekmira shares would likely start walking back down to their pre-hype $10 levels. The WHO issued a […]

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals (TKMR) is a Money Vortex and The Ebola Craze, Too, Shall Pass; Price Target $10

Tekmira (TKMR) found itself rocketing again today, as the thinly traded stock pushed up as much as 14% at one point. Leerink revealing a $25 price target and an outperform rating seemed to be the catalyst. Unfortunately for those who bought today, a price target and an outperform rating don’t do anything to change the […]