Betting on Zero: World Premier First Review

I’m glad I don’t work in Herbalife’s PR department. While “Betting on Zero” is not a decidedly anti-Herbalife movie from the onset, its ability to profile real victims, the Wall Street story and the simple truth about the company’s business practices could be absolutely devastating to Herbalife if the film is picked up and distributed on a national scale. And […]

Have Herbalife Executives Already Confessed Publicly?

11/27/15 The goal of this article is to review some new evidence and news in the Herbalife story, as well as to make the case that company insiders/top distributors may have already indirectly admitted the company is a deceptive pyramid scheme fraud. Up front, a reminder of what a pyramid scheme is: a company where recruiting […]

Carl Icahn’s “Danger Ahead” Herbalife Hypocricy

9/30/15 As many people know, Carl Icahn released a video called “Danger Ahead” early on Tuesday laying out his reasons for thinking that the market is headed for trouble. Here’s some screenshots from his “public service announcement”: Icahn is, remember, one of Herbalife’s largest shareholders. According to him it’s a great company that helps out “Spanish […]