China’s Playbook For Deflecting Coronavirus Blame Onto The U.S. Could Be Working Exactly As Planned

I want to start off in introducing this piece by saying that the scenario I’m about to present is only one of several possibilities and is opinion based on my independent analysis. I have worked for nearly a decade in finance, primarily doing investigative financial analysis. I also worked for more than 5 years specifically […]

The Time Is Right Now: Why The U.S. Must Act Decisively and Overwhelmingly To Confront The Coronavirus

We may now be starting to see the very real consequences of relying on data coming out of China – something I warned against in a February 2 article I wrote urging people to consider focusing on data outside of China instead of what the Chinese government was telling us. My reasoning for this was […]

The One Number That Could Reveal A Chinese Coronavirus Cover-Up

The Wuhan coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the globe. It caused a 600 point sell off in the Dow Jones on Friday, prompted the first U.S. quarantine in a half century and has resulted in various travel bans around the globe. Famously, even tourist “hot spot” Iraq doesn’t want Chinese citizens coming into the […]

Herbalife Reportedly “Raided” by FDA in India

The front page of Nagpur Today – an Indian news website – is running with the headline that the “FDA raids Herbalife”: A full version of the article can be read here and includes the following ominous statements, when translated using Google: Nagpur: Keeping mushrooming of nutritional supplement retailers and their dubious activities of dangling […]

Colombian Doctor Claims “Clear Relationship” Between Herbalife Products and Liver Damage

On Friday, QTR was given two new nuggets of information about our friends over at Herbalife. The first was that according to a source close to the matter, the company’s EVP of Finance in China has left the company. This is unconfirmed by QTR so far, though I have had a second source echo that […]

Herbalife China SVP Reportedly “Suddenly Removed” After Company Makes “Anti-Pyramiding” Warning in Last 10-Q

This morning it crossed the wires that Herbalife’s President of Operations in China, Jerry Li, has “suddenly” hit the road. He had been at Herbalife for a decade: Heres a link to the Chinese media article: And the original article: Here’s is a translation of the Chinese article: This comes just days after Herbalife […]

Herbalife: A Devastatingly Perfect Storm that Could Send Shares Under $30

Quoth the Raven Research continues to believe Herbalife is a strong sell with downside of more than 46.3% before the end of 2017 and further downside in following quarters The potential impact of a coming nation-wide documentary has been significantly underestimated and may cause an unprecedented public relations nightmare for the company that it may […]