Herbalife China SVP Reportedly “Suddenly Removed” After Company Makes “Anti-Pyramiding” Warning in Last 10-Q

This morning it crossed the wires that Herbalife’s President of Operations in China, Jerry Li, has “suddenly” hit the road. He had been at Herbalife for a decade:


Heres a link to the Chinese media article: http://www.cs.com.cn/xwzx/201705/t20170523_5294672.html

And the original article:


Here’s is a translation of the Chinese article:


This comes just days after Herbalife seriously amended a ton of its regulatory language related to China in its filings. Here’s just one example of how the language has changed to include “anti-pyramiding” language:

anti pyra

It also comes just days after the company reported that a “pull forward” in sales due to a price change was what helped Herbalife make their quarter in China. Supposedly 40 to 45 million volume points were pulled forward last quarter.

Mr. Li filed a Form 4 to sell stock as recent as May 11, 2017:

form 4

Herbalife has already disclosed an FCPA investigation in China. Is it possible the company is now also under investigation for being a pyramid in China, which is the company’s largest growing and most prominent market?