Senator Corker: Day Trader and OTC Stock Specialist?


I always thought it was interesting how knowledgeable Senator Corker sounded about shorting stock in his CNBC interview weeks ago when he told U.S. investors to “short Fannie Mae”.

On a lead from this interesting write up about Senator Corker’s amazing success trading OTC stocks, I searched the government site at this link to find all of his trades for calendar year 2014. Why? Because his performance trading U.S. listed international OTC stocks is, well, interesting. (Reminder: these are just his OTC trades, the full list of all U.S. equity trades is below – chart source here).

I’m providing this information just to get more eyes on it. Nothing has been vetting through and through by me and I’m not insinuating anything from this. Just trying to get eyes on it.

Not sure if the Senator is trading on his own – or just has someone very gifted managing his money.


corker equity senator

Turns out the Senator that told the world to go out and short Fannie Mae on CNBC weeks ago made over 900+ trades last year. 

I’m not going to point out some of the more interesting items contained herein, but you can view the disclosure here.

I’ll let the media do the rest.