1. The brave herbalife distributors today pooled their collective voices to have David Brear and myself permanently banned from Seeking Alpha.

    David has his blog, MLM The Great American Dream Made Nightmare, so his voice will continue to be heard. I’ve decided to concentrate my efforts in my local community. I’m going to take the time I spent trying to demonstrate to dumbasses on SA that herbalife’s neither a good investment nor a good business opportunity and instead concentrate on speaking up anywhere I find herbalife’s tendrils creeping around the unwary.

    I intend to do a lot of real life damage to purveyor’s of mlm’s in my city, herbalife distributors are scum, and deserve to be put out of business. Permanently.


  2. Go to The Salty Droid website quickly for information on herbalife’s President Team member’s whoremongering activities in Vietnam.

    I sure hope distributor Dan, herbs4mike, powershake, bodhi1313, alfanado, and the rest of the creepy ass distributors at Seeking Alpha read this article. Now I know why they cover the windows of their “nutrition clubs”….the sick fucks.


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