Apparent Proof of a Stunning Slowdown in Herbalife Purchasing Traffic

This is going to be a brief write-up, with a stunning conclusion, that involves the website This is what the site looks like:


Some of these things, it’s just better to let the data do the talking. Before I spill the beans, let’s review a couple of items. is a website where North American (primarily US) SUPERVISORS go to purchase product directly from the company. This is the distributor agreement that tells us this.

1 2Compete and Alexa are two of the most respected analytic shops for detailing website traffic. They’re expensive for business owners to monitor their traffic – because they are the best at what they do.


Think Q3 was rough for Herbalife? Well, I submit for you these two charts showing the total traffic heading over to In short, it appears to have fallen off a cliff.

my my2

What do these two charts tell me? If these were stock charts, they both just would have broken their one year support. I believe this to be a horrifyingly accurate look into how the company is performing right now based on the amount of people that visit their wholesale site. In essence, this data could be considered rather material, as you can assume this traffic directly correlates with the amount of revenue Herbalife brings in from the North American market.

These charts show how has fallen from an Alexa rank of 6,000th to now 16,000th in the United States since David Einhorn asked his infamously pesky question on Herbalife’s May 2012 conference call.



FTC or no FTC, Herbalife appears to be in a heap of trouble. Between this declining traffic and what I believe will be a coming disaster from global currencies, Herbalife seems to be shaping up to have another horrendous quarter in Q4.

More on, “The Perfect Storm that Will Bury Herbalife” (my next piece), coming soon.


(Disclosure: short Herbalife)

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