Lesson From the Herbalife 2014 Chicago Extravaganza: How Not to Write a Disclaimer

Here’s some video footage from this year’s extravaganza event in Chicago. This is a woman, presumably “Annie”, giving her President’s Team testimonial. She thanks John Tartol by name and the audience goes nuts like they’re at game 7 of the World Series. 

hlfBut – look at that on the screen – we’ve never see THAT before. At least I haven’t, and I’ve watched a few Herbalife extravaganza videos in my day.

That monstrosity is a disclaimer put up presumably by Herbalife management, to let people know that not all people achieve the same results as Annie. Great thinking by Herbalife’s crack squad of executives – playing it close to the vest now that the FTC is involved. Hey, maybe the lawyers are starting to earn their keep over at Herbalife, right?


What’s it say, anyway? 

  • Does it say 96.4% of Herbalife distributors earn less than a bottle and can collector? (source)
  • Does it say that promises of making hundreds of thousands a year are unlikely to materialize for most?
  • Does it refer you to Herbalife’s statement of average gross compensation to point out that those making over $250k/year are in the 0.004% of all U.S. members with a downline? 

No, no and no. None of that pesky nonsense. It’s basically a giant reminder, in big bold letters that occupy half of the screen that President’s team members can expect to earn more than $300k/year.

It’s basically a disclaimer written as a giant advertisement. 

Talk about being pulled over by the weight of your own balls – jeez.

I’ve done you a favor and transcribed it for you:


The average payment from Herbalife to President’s Team members in 2013 was $366,793. This amount included all commissions, royalties, and bonuses paid by Herbalife. It does not include amounts earned by members on their sales of Herbalife products directly to others or expenses. 

 $366,793 minus expenses. Oh, the horror!

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