I am Drinking a Beer (While Working)

Yup – nothing like kicking back with 50 pages of research to read and cracking a cold one on a nice Sunday.

I could never write a headline like that elsewhere. I love the fact that this blog is going to be able to allow me to furiously state my opinion on things without the reservation of an editorial staff (who, by the way at Seeking Alpha, are outstanding).

This is just a small post to remind those that content will, in fact, be coming here eventually. For now, I have tons of work to do with projects that I’m already working on. My plan for this blog is to have one or two really good, well researched trade ideas a month.

I also plan on gloating here, should Mallinckrodt or Herbalife go the way of the short. I still contend these are two of the more attractive fundamental shorts I’ve seen in the longest time.

I’m also currently trying to identify several new long positions. I still remain bullish on a lot of the names I’ve written about extensively on Seeking Alpha, but I’m trying to find the next couple of “under the radar” style trades.

In recent good news, we’ve already gotten our first insult today, submitted via the comments section! I love that I can moderate the comments on this blog. Not that I’m for censorship, which I’m not – I don’t plan on censoring my comments at all – only things that are obscenely gross and mean spirited. This is good news as it means the site must be up and working. The number of insults QTR receives generally dictates the amount of  commonfolk that are tuning in to view my thoughts.

I view these insults as a sign of progress. Next step, even more insults.

Stay tuned, more is on its way.


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